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Goytre Tia's Legacy of Dreams
At Jupavia (Tia)
Tia Head Shot
15 July 2005

Well what can I say, Tia is a live wire who just loves a cuddle. She is so much like her wonderful grandmother whom she was named after, Sh Ch Caristan Tia Maria at Goytre JW.

Tia lives indoors as part of the family and is very much clown of the household. It doesn't seem possible but she was 7 this year. Tia loves a fuss and really tries hard to be good (she does manage it sometimes). She is very active and also a very clever girl, who picks up on naughty thing as quickly as the good ones. Tia will run and run and we have yet to tire her out on a walk, but as soon as she gets home she is a pleasure to live with just wanting to be quietly near you.

Vicky has done some ground work with Tia in agility. Tia is a real show girl and loves every minute of whatever you do with her. She was shown as a puppy and won several best Puppies as well as winning a very large quality Puppy Stakes Class. In addition to that she won YKC Stakes class at just 11 months old, qualifying her for the final at Crufts 2007, where she was placed a creditable 5th.

Tia has won Junior and Yearling classes at Championship Show level, as well as winning another YKC Stakes, which qualified her for the Crufts 2008 final. Unfortunately, she chose, just before Crufts, to throw her coat so wasn't able to go. Tia had her first litter in July 2008. They have, without exception, fabulous temperaments. They are, all, well settled in their new homes. (see previous litter page). Tia went back in the show ring during 2009 and qualified for Crufts 2010, both in the breed ring and for the Young Kennel club (YKC) Stakes class.

Tia had her 2nd litter in 2010 the sire of this litter was Caristan Cartier (thank you Carolyn for allowing us to use him with Tia) and she produced 8 beautiful puppies. They have all gone to wonderful homes and we have been lucky enough to borrow Freddie to show him. Freddie qualified for Crufts first time out and was placed 3rd in a very good Yearling class at Crufts 2012, this now qualifies him for 2013. Freddie, who passed his gold good citizens at 9 months, has also won several classes at open shows as well as Reserve best of Breeds. Recently Freddie was Reserve best Dog at Wessex Border Collie Club show where he was also placed in the obedience (with his owner Mandy), truly brains and beauty.

Freddie won a quality Limit Class at NW&PB Championship show in July 2012 at just over 2 years old, and has been awarded his stud book number. Freddie followed this with a 1st at Crufts 2013 in Mid Limit.

Tia's 3rd and final litter was born 13th November 2012. This litter was also Sevi's first. There were 8 healthy puppies who have all gone to their fabulous new homes. We got to know this litter even better than normal because after a C-section Tia was unable to produce enough milk so we stepped in to bottle feed. Had this been our first experience of breeding it would also have been our last. It was a nightmare at the time but lovely to look back on as all 8 survived.

Tia will be spayed after her next season.

Tia is now 8, but without a single grey hair, and when it comes to walking with the pack she keeps going and going with no sign of slowing up.

She is Hip Scored 7:7
DNA tested Normal for CEA CL and TNS by parentage
Hearing Tested Normal
Adult eye tested clear
Glaucoma tested normal

Here are a few Photos of Tia

A Natural Showgirl
The Natural Showgirl

A Natural Showgirl
The Natural Showgirl

Agility Training
Agility Training

Agility Training
Agility Training

Tia Weaves
The Weaves

Tia with Freyer
Tia and Freyer

Tia What's Next
What's Next?

Tia with Friends
Having a Dip